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Latest government statistics confirm that lead batteries are the most recycled product in USA

Lead batteries, used in vehicles and as energy storage for emergency power and renewable energy, have been confirmed as the most recycled product in the U.S., according to figures produced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

In the latest EPA report entitled assessing U.S. trends in recycling and disposal, the US federal government health and environment regulator compared recycling rates for a range of products and materials. It found that the 99% recycle rate of lead batteries is the highest recycling rate of all consumer products.  

Among the recycling rates listed were:

International Lead Association Managing Director, Dr Andy Bush, said: ¡°Lead batteries offer a truly sustainable energy storage solution and recycling is the driver for this. Many people will be surprised to see that lead batteries are leading the way in consumer product recycling with much higher recycling rates than materials such as newspapers, cans and glass.¡± 

The lead battery is an excellent example of a recyclable product.  As well as recovering and reusing lead and all other metals, in the recycling process, the polypropylene plastic battery casing is also reprocessed and re-used for batteries or for other products in the automobile industry, for example in bumpers and wheel arches. The sulphuric acid in lead batteries is separated and can be reused or converted to calcium sulphate (gypsum) or sodium sulphate (soda) for a variety of applications.