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Telecom Application

A data center network

Current data center infrastructure by cloud computing and mobile Internet data usage, the challenge of rapid growth, many of the world data center is facing the huge change, in order to keep up with the demand of the current development and meet the requirements of the future higher bandwidth network.

The popular trend of modern data center has gradually by the traditional three-layer network into a more simplified, more suitable for the application of cloud computing network, on the second floor is called main branches - type (leaf - has been) network, has greatly improved the flexibility and higher efficiency, another important shift is the ascension, of network data speed between the host connection between g upgrade from one to 10 g, switches and between switches attachment are upgrading to 40 g and 100 g.

Is associated with these changes related to optical module, component and chip suppliers, the main technical challenges anwar technology (Avago Technologies) company has been geared to the needs of these technology challenges, bringing to the market and can meet the increasing demand for modern data center height difference solution.

Optical module and ASIC/ASSP scheme of Avago bring larger, flatter and more rapid data center network

Can support 1 g, 10 g, 40 g, 100 g, even higher attachment 10 kilometers distance from 20 meters to the rich full optical transceiver, transmitter and receiver module solution

Can solve the chip and chip to the module interface technical challenges, such as 10 g, 28 g and 25 g, higher speed network lagging application of varied ASIC/ASSP solution

Beyond the industry standard of the industry's most widely long distance parallel optical transceiver, transmitter and receiver solution.