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Wind Application

With the depletion of fossil fuels, environmental pollution is aggravating, the development of renewable energy to get extremely seriously. Wind power as the most mature in renewable energy power generation, power generation technology, under the support of the government in recent years, rapid development. Within ten years, the proportion of China's wind power of the wind rose to 27% from 1.66% in 2004, wind power has become the world's total installed capacity. Wind power in 2013, accounting for 2.6% of the country's 5.26 trillion KWH electricity production, already more than nuclear power generating capacity, in less than ten years, wind power generating capacity has more than 40 years of the development of power, rise to China's third largest energy. The national development and reform commission energy research institute, expected to wind power installed capacity in 2050 will reach 1 billion kilowatts, providing 17% of the country's power. The rapid development of wind power, also exposed a series of management problems, in this paper, on the basis of summarizing the wind power management problem, proposed wind farm management improvement program, namely the research and development of intelligent management and control system.