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Solar Application

In the long run, renewable energy will be the main energy source of future human, so most of the developed countries and some developing countries in the world have attached great importance to the important role of renewable energy for the future energy supply. In the new renewable energy, photovoltaic and wind power is one of the fastest growing, all countries in the world commercial development and utilization of solar energy photovoltaic power generation as a important development direction. By 2030 solar power will show its important role in the supply of electricity in the world, more than 10%, renewable energy accounted for 30% in total energy structure; Solar power 2050 will account for 20% of the total energy consumption, renewable energy accounted for more than 50%, by the end of the century solar power will play a leading role in the energy structure.

Here also give what is CIGS cells, from the above you can see, solar cells, according to different materials have different classification according to the application level of photovoltaic (pv) can sort of polycrystalline silicon single crystal silicon battery CdTe CIGS amorphous silicon battery and other solar cells. Overall, CIGS cells is a kind of solar cell, just the battery cell material USES the copper indium gallium selenide (cadmium - indium gallium selenide - CIGS) material, thus forming the p-n junction of solar energy to absorb light and electricity, the material of the solar cell with low cost, high conversion efficiency and gain recognition in the market, and in all the share of the solar cells is increasing. Also the investment hot spots in current solar cells.

At the current technical development forecast, high conversion rate of crystalline silicon cells, thin film cells, as well as the high concentrated multi-junction cells will be the developing trend of crystalline silicon cells, amorphous silicon thin-film batteries both technical route the most optimistic prospect. In large power plant construction, conversion efficiency is still has the potential to improve the high concentrated multi-junction cells provides an efficient and environmentally friendly solutions; At the same time, the competitiveness of CPV in grid-connected power generation cannot be ignored, in addition to the cost is low, the technical route can complement each other and biomass, natural gas power generation, and achieve continuous stable power supply). In addition, photovoltaic and thermal hybrid power generation and scenery complementary, and other forms of hybrid power generation, because can make up for solar power caused by solar radiation, the weather changes with time of the output power unstable faults, is the better choice grid-connected power generation system.